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The words “root canal” can send people into a panic.  Even if you’re not usually afraid of the dentist, the idea of a root canal might be the scariest thing you can imagine.  In the past, that may have been true, but modern dental instruments and techniques make this procedure easier and less painful than ever before.  Today, getting a root canal is nothing to fear.

It’s Not Painful

Everyone knows that root canals are the most painful dental work you can get, right?  Actually, that’s not true.  You’ll be fully numbed, just as you would be for any other dental treatment, so you shouldn’t feel anything at all.  After the procedure, there may be some residual soreness, but it should be easily manageable with over-the-counter or prescription painkillers.

It Doesn’t Take That Long

Root canals have a reputation for being a very long procedure, but it really only takes about as long as a crown.  A typical root canal treatment takes about two hours and is usually done in a single appointment.  If you need a crown or other restoration after your root canal, you may need a second visit.

You’ll Get Pain Relief

If you need a root canal, chances are that you’ve been in pain for a while due to an abscess, infection, or inflammation in the tooth.  After the diseased tissues are removed, you’ll feel better almost immediately!

Sedation Is Available

If you’re still anxious about getting your root canal treatment, don’t worry.  Dr. Westmoreland understands that lots of patients are afraid of dental work, so he offers sedation to make sure you’re comfortable throughout your procedure.  Make sure to ask about your sedation options when you schedule your root canal.

Modern dentistry makes root canals easy and almost totally pain-free.  We’ll also give you detailed aftercare instructions to make sure your healing process goes as quickly as possible.  And if you ever have any concerns, you can always call our office.

Dr. Bo Westmoreland and his staff would be proud to care for you and your family.  For more information about our services or to make an appointment, call our office at 423-282-2844 or contact us today!

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