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What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini Dental Implant System (MDIS) is a system that allows small titanium implants to act as what would otherwise be the root of your natural tooth. Using MDIS devices will enable dentures to be permanently inserted into the mouth, just like permanent teeth. The holding fixture fits the mini dental implants into a socket containing a rubber “O” shaped ring. The fixture snaps the MDIS into place and stays in place better than removable dentures otherwise would.

What Additional Options Does an MDIS Offer Me Over Traditional Dentures?

Experts in the dental industry dub the MDIS system the most significant advance in the dental industry within the last 25 years. This system allows you a better way of securing your dentures and prevents a variety of issues, including dentures falling out or rubbing uncomfortably on the gum line. It will enable denture wearers to chew harder foods and ensure that their teeth stay in place while they eat.

Finally, it allows many people to keep their dentures in full-time. Keeping one’s dentures in full-time may not seem like a huge deal. Still, it can go a long way in helping denture wearers regain and retain their confidence, including allowing them to socialize and smile with more confidence than they would be able to have with removable dentures.

How Are These Implants Placed?

These implants get placed by inserting the MDIS system into the jawbone to help keep them secure. Mini dental implants can get surgically implanted while the patient is only under light anesthesia. Using a delicate procedure keeps this surgery is minimally invasive. This procedure will not include any sutures and will otherwise spare the patient what can otherwise be months of healing.

How Are Mini Implants Different?

These mini implants are so miniature that they can be inserted right through the gum tissue into the jaw bone lying beneath. This method of insertion eliminates the need for the procedures that otherwise “cut” the flap of gum to be able to put the fasteners into the jaw bone which lies beneath. Cutting a fold of the gum tissue is generally a significant procedure that requires a lot longer recovery time for the patient and can cause severe soreness or even pain after the process is completed. Eliminating this step makes getting mini implants a much easier recovery for the patient.

Do I Have to Clean My Mini Implants Regularly?

Yes, your implants and the “O” ring in which they fit must be kept free of particles of food and other debris that get caught between your teeth regularly. The “O” ring technology design makes cleaning easy and painless. Cleaning your dentures daily will help keep your gums healthy and your implants from becoming damaged due to the excessive buildup of food particles that otherwise would build up over time.

How Expensive Are These Mini Implants?

Many of these mini implants are surprisingly affordable. Most mini dental implants cost a fraction of what you would expect to pay for a full set of dentures. By choosing an MDI, you are saving yourself the headache of removable dentures and spending only a fraction of what you otherwise would for a full set of dentures.

For more information on getting an MDI system to help replace your removable dentures, please feel free to contact us at the Westmoreland Dental Group to set up a consultation appointment today!

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