In Mini Dental Implants (Dentures)

If you have a tooth or a number of them missing or looking forward to having replacements, you might consider getting started with mini dental implants. Mini-dental implants are metallic fixtures attached surgically to your jawbone just below the gums where mounting of artificial teeth can occur. The bone is fused to the implant, enhancing stable support for you to speak and eat comfortably.

How Are Mini Dental Implants Done?

The first step to  accomplishing the process is sedation with an anesthetic to numb you. The implants are then surgically fused into your jawbone at the missing teeth location. The heads of the implants stick out from the gum tissue to ensure proper and secure replacement of the tooth. The procedure does not require sutures and requires only a few weeks of healing.

What It Will Feel Like as a Result of a Mini-Dental Implant

Recovering from mini implants is easy and fast. The denture should feel secure as there should be no severe bleeding. There will be some mild pain and discomfort following the procedure, but some pain relievers can control it. You may consume soft foods and liquids like soup and smoothies at first. Avoid a hard and sticky diet following the  procedure to prevent the implant from loosening and becoming pulled out.

What Is the Appropriate Care For Mini Implants?

To have a successful implant, you will be expected to put up with a proper oral health routine. Just as you do to your natural teeth, you will be required to brush twice daily to remove food and bacterial debris. You will also have to remove the denture brush and clean it and, after rinsing your mouth, place it back.

What Are the Failures and Disadvantages of Mini-Dental Implants?

Mini-dental implants may fail as they are just temporary. They are not permanent like regular teeth. Implants are also prone to failure due to lack of proper dental maintenance care, poor oral hygiene and wear and tear. They are temporary anchorage devices and are not supposed to last in your mouth for a long time. They only remain inserted in the mouth for a certain period and then extracted.

The same care you give to your natural teeth is the same you should accord to mini-dental implants. Brushing, proper dental hygiene and frequent dental checkups will increase the lifespan of your implant. Contact us today about getting started with mini dental implants and to get the best solution for your tooth replacement.

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