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Your family’s smile is essential. Whether it’s time for portraits or just keeping an eye on growth progress, maintaining clean and healthy teeth is vital to a happy smiling family. Family dentistry offers professional oral care for all stages of life. The whole family can use the same office for cleanings and procedures.

A Clean Start

A baby’s teeth should be cleaned using a baby toothbrush. Also, by a child’s first birthday, they need to see a dentist to ensure everything looks good.


Developing Lifelong Oral Care Habits

When a child turns three, that’s typically when it’s time to begin regular visits to the dentist. A family dentist will make sure everything is developing right. Not only that, but offer guidance and information to help parents maintain and support healthy oral hygiene at home.

Preparing For Adult Teeth

Around six years old, most children have a loose tooth or have already lost teeth. X-rays once a year can provide insight to help parents prepare for any hurdles that may arise, and a qualified family dentist can offer solutions, and in most cases, perform procedures themselves.

Making Adjustments

In older children, regular cleanings and check-ups allow the hygienists and dentist to determine if crowding and alignment will require correction and can recommend a trusted specialist who can provide that care. If braces are necessary, a family dentist is prepared to continue regular cleanings even while a member of your family is receiving realignment treatment. Continuing regular oral health maintenance during the time with braces is when it’s most important.

Maintaining Perfect Teeth

A mature smile with beautifully aligned teeth needs regular care too, so grown children and parents can have any needs addressed by the same dentist who is most familiar with all of the family’s history. Clean and healthy teeth and gums through all stages of life are essential.

The first day of school pictures, family portraits, prom pictures, team pictures, wedding pictures- a family dentist doesn’t just cover the stages of life in terms of oral hygiene. Contact us for a consultation and keep the family smiling.

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