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Several factors may cause pain in the head and face but for many Americans, the culprit is often the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). If you’ve been having pan or discomfort originating from your jaw, you may need to learn more about common TMJ facts.

Here are some important TMJ facts you need to have at your fingertips:

What is TMJ?

This unique joint s located at the base of the skull connecting the lower and upper jaws. The TMJ allows you to open and close your mouth as well as move the lower jaw down and forward. These motions make it possible for you to eat sing or even yawn.

What causes TMJ disorder?

A combination of factors such as arthritis, genetics, stress and jaw injuries, can result in TMJ pain. People who often clench or grind their teeth may have a higher risk of triggering TMJ pain. Bruxism (the tendency to clench and grind your teeth) often relates to stress and is an important factor in the diagnosis of TMJ pain.

Symptoms of TMJ disorder

Dentists rely on a clear description of symptoms and a physical examination to diagnose TMJ disorder correctly. Common symptoms include:

•    Aching facial pain
•    Pain in or around the ear
•    Jaw soreness prevalent in the morning or late afternoon
•    Jaw pain when yawning, biting, or chewing something
•    Locking of the joint, making it difficult to open or close your mouth
•    Tenderness of jaw muscles or the jaw itself

Learn more TMJ facts with us

If you’re experiencing TMJ related pan continuously and are sure it isn’t the result of a recent injury or accident you need to see professional help. Book an appointment with your dentist to discuss the possible symptoms and options for relief. If you’re looking for a professional and experienced dentist well-versed with TMJ facts, please contact us today.

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