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Brushing and flossing are part of good oral hygiene that you should adopt. Add everyday simple foods that have cleansing properties in your diet for complete oral care. Keeping this in mind, here are seven supercharged foods that prevent gum disease and tooth decay, while building healthy teeth and gums.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The high fiber content in fruits and vegetables stimulates saliva production due to the extra chewing. The high water content in fruits and vegetable aids adjust their sugar content. Your teeth will thank you for having fresh cucumbers, apples, carrots, and celery at hand.

Dark Chocolate

CBH, a compound found in dark chocolate, makes your teeth less prone to tooth deterioration by hardening your tooth enamel. Opt for a bar of dark chocolate that is 70% cacao. Eat-in moderation and don’t forget to brush your teeth after that.


This superfood can combat the acid erosion of the teeth. Your teeth are exposed to cavity every time you consume a meal with soda, sweets, citrus, and bread. Cheese counteracts the acid left from a meal and this makes it a good choice for dessert.


This citrus fruit has vitamin C that reduces inflammation by slowing down the progression of gum disease and strengthening your blood vessels. Make your favorite bowl of fruit and remember to brush your teeth after 30 minutes.


Calcium protects your teeth and gums from illness. Your body requires vitamin D for the absorption of calcium in the body. Fatty fish, which is a source of vitamin, allows your teeth and gums to fight periodontitis.

Green and Black Tea

Found in green and black tea, polyphenol interacts with the plaque-causing bacteria by destroying them. The bacteria secrete tooth enamel that destroys acids in your mouth after taking sugar. Tea suppresses the presence of these (acid-producing) bacteria in your mouth, making it a great choice after having your meal.

Eliminate the risk of getting tooth decay and gum disease by taking care of your oral health. For more information regarding how to keep your teeth healthy, feel free to contact us  any time to set up an appointment.

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