In Our Technology, Sterilization

At Westmoreland dental, we pride ourselves on our cleanliness and commitment to the health and safety of each visitor. The most important way that we maintain the highest levels of sanitation at our facility is sterilization. Our sterilization station is on display for the public and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. The sterilization technicians are experts and keep the individual treatment rooms ready for the next patient.

Sterilization is Essential

Sterilization is an essential part of operating room procedures since the late 1800s and remains one of the most important tools for scientists and doctors throughout the world. The first pressure steam sterilizer was invented by Charles Chamberland, a student, and collaborator of Louis Pasteur, in 1876. He called it the autoclave and it closely resembled a modern pressure cooker. Since the early days, we have developed various new forms of sterilization. One of the most effective and widely used modern forms is Ultra Violet sterilization. This employs very short wavelength radiation (254 nanometers) to disrupt the DNA of microbes preventing growth or reproduction.

The Outside World

When you enter our facility, we recommend using the available hand sanitizer. This is an important first step towards preserving the sanitation of our offices and treatment rooms. We need to keep the outside world of germs outside! Our Sterilization station uses an independent water supply which we sanitize before each refill. This allows us to be certain that foreign microbes do not compromise the integrity of our sterilization procedures. With your help, we can keep ourselves healthy and clean during dental visits.

During Your Appointment

While you are a patient, we have staff on hand to assist with keeping things clean. Our technicians are trained to treat each visitor with compassion and respect and we will do our best to make your visit quick, clean and comfortable. We put your safety first. Contact us for more information.

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