In Soft Tissue Laser

At Westmoreland Dental Group, we use the latest technology to give our patients the very best experience possible. We are always looking for ways to offer our patients less invasive treatment and more in-office options. One of the tools that helps us do that is a soft tissue laser.

You may think that dentists only work with teeth, not soft tissue, but that isn’t true. If you’ve ever experienced bleeding after a crown preparation or another procedure close to the gum line, something was done to your soft tissue during that procedure. While dentists have many ways to care for soft tissue in the mouth, we believe the laser is the best option for our patients.

Dr. Westmoreland uses the Odyssey Diode soft tissue laser. This instrument uses a narrow precision beam to offer extreme accuracy in various soft tissue therapies, along with less trauma, less bleeding, and less discomfort. Some procedures that might have previously been referred out to an oral surgeon can now be done in Dr. Westmoreland’s office, letting patients remain in the office they know and allowing Dr. Westmoreland to keep more control over their care.

The Odyssey soft tissue laser is used for many common procedures, such as gingiva sculpting for cosmetic reasons, tissue management around a crown site or in any area where impressions need to be made, frenectomy, and more. Other laser treatments include the treatment of mouth ulcers and biopsy or removal of oral lesions without the need for a scalpel. The laser results in a much easier procedure with less inflammation and postoperative pain than using conventional methods. Most procedures done by a laser don’t even require any sutures.

Westmoreland Dental Group is dedicated to the health and comfort of our patients, and we would love to help you maintain or regain your smile. To make an appointment or to learn more about our practice, please contact us.

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