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There are lots of reasons why a patient will begin to look for sedation dentistry. Perhaps it’s a general anxiety about going to the dentist or maybe they experience a little fear of pain. Whatever the reason, when a patient types into their search bar that they are looking for sedation dentistry near me, they begin on a journey that will get them the dental care they need and want.

Dental phobias are very common

According to the experts at, dental phobia is a lot more common that people generally think.  In fact, if you are anxious about going to the dentist you are not alone. It is common for patients to report feeling embarrassed or anxious about the state of their teeth or being forced into unnecessary treatments. Worry about the pain of a procedure or cost of dental treatment is common as well.

Why should you choose sedation?

There are many reasons clients choose to have their procedures completed while they are sedated including:

  • management of fear
  • anxiety repression
  • gag reflex suppression
  • fewer visits and faster dental work

We offer sedation dentistry to patients who have anxiety and fear about dental work

Sedation dentistry relaxes a patient so that he or she won’t feel any pain during dental procedures. Often, a patient who is undergoing sedation dentistry will have very little or no memory of the procedure at all.  This way, a patient can receive the care they need while eliminating anxiety.  Dr. Westmoreland will give patients an oral medication which will induce sleepiness and help patients to relax during their procedures.

Sedation dentistry near me is closer than you think

If you are curious if sedation dentistry is right for helping you reduce your fear at the dentist, please give us a call today. Our professional staff in Johnson City, Tennessee, would love to answer your questions regarding sedation to see if it is the right choice for you.

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