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The dentist can be a fearful experience depending on the person. Close to 75% of adults have a fear of the dentist. Out of that number around five to ten percent of people have a strong enough fear to consider it a phobia. How do people work around this fear when they need to see a dentist? One service that is available at specific locations is called sedation dentistry. This is an excellent option for those fearing their upcoming dentist visits. Here is how it works!

What is Sedation?

The word sedation correlates with things like surgery, or other medical procedures. People often confuse sedation and anesthesia for one another. Even though the two do close to the same thing, there have distinct differences. Sedation is a lighter sleep, whereas anesthesia is deep sleep. Patients have the ability to hear and respond while under sedation. On the contrary, anesthesia prohibits those responses. Both provide pain relief in different situations. Sedation is a common reliever in dentistry.

Sedation and Dentistry

Since sedation is an option that doesn’t put the patient to sleep entirely but relieves pain, it is often used in the dental field. Not all dentists introduced this practice at their offices. Typically sedation calms the nerves. It is provided for those who fear the dentist and minor dental procedures. Patients receive treatment in a relaxed setting to calm dental fears and phobias.

Dentists administer sedation through common medications. As a result, patients don’t recognize smells, sounds, and sights during their visit. Sedation also dismisses the memory of the experience. Patients listen and respond under sedation, but have no recollection afterward.

Do All Dentists Offer Sedation?

Every dentist is different. Some dentists complete extra training for this practice, and others do not. It is not a requirement for every dental office to offer sedation for patient anxiety. Dr. Bo with Westmoreland Dental Group offers sedation dentistry to his patients. Dr. Bo states sedation is a safe and powerful tool to receive the dental care you need without the worry.

If you would like more information on sedation dentistry, Westmoreland Dental provides information here! If you would like to schedule an appointment or consultation, you can call us at (423) 282-2844 today! As a result, we promise a relaxed environment that will help you conquer your fear of the dentist!

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