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How can Invisalign treatment help you achieve your dream smile, without the hassle of braces? When you think about braces, chances are embarrassing images of middle school come to mind, with colorful gummies, not being able to chew gum and scary stories of things getting stuck in people’s braces. The image of metal in our mouths is not appealing. However, for many, braces were a necessary evil for the sake of a straight smile they could display confidently. If you missed the braces train – for whatever reason – but you’re still wondering “what if I had gotten them?”, or how would you feel about yourself with two straight lines of pearly whites, welcome to the future! Invisalign is a non-invasive method to straighten your teeth, no metal involved.

How Invisalign Treatment Works

Instead of metal wires, like braces, Invisalign are plastic retainers that are custom-made to each patient and changed as your teeth alignments change. You’ll meet with your doctor every couple of weeks to check how your current aligner needs to be adjusted.

  • Low-Maintenance Teeth Aligners: Take your Invisalign off to eat and drink, or practice sports. Brush your teeth before putting them back on, and that’s it! No complicated flossing or cleaning between metal and gums. Invisalign is built for you to remove it when necessary, and jump right back on it when you’re ready for best results. No wires also mean fewer emergencies – and visits to the dentist to take care of them!
  • Faster than Braces: According to Invisalign, teeth alignment is 50% faster with Invisalign than with conventional braces. This is thanks to the attachments in the aligners, which change with your aligners to slowly but steadily straighten your teeth.
  • Works with most teeth alignment issues: Invisalign can help correct overbite, underbite, crossbite, gap teeth, open bite, and combined baby and permanent teeth. If you’re not sure what your condition is or want to learn more about how Invisalign can help you straighten your teeth, contact us at Westmoreland Dental Group to schedule a consultation. Dr. Westmoreland has gone through significant training on the application and maintenance of Invisalign and can answer your most pressing questions.

Invisalign has been approved by the FDA and is executed by more than two-thirds of dentists in the United States and Canada. To learn more about Invisalign treatment, visit us at Westmoreland Dental Group or schedule a consultation today: (423) 282-2844.


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