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Do you suffer from constant migraines? If so, you could actually be suffering from a dental issue. There is a strong relationship between TMJ pain and migraines. Is it possible you’re suffering migraines because of TMJ pain? We’re here to help you figure that out.

Relationship Between TMJ and Migraines

There are different causes of migraines. The moderate to severe pain at the top or on the side of your head may be due to TMJ disorder. The supporting muscles of the TMJ may contribute to the pain on the sides and top of your head.

When you clench your teeth, the pain from your jaw moves to other places in the skull, causing migraines. At times, you may experience earaches and toothaches. You may become temporarily sensitive to smell, sound, and light because of a migraine. In some instances, you may experience sensory and visual changes during and after the migraine.

To relieve yourself from migraine pain, your physician can combine medication with chiropractic intervention. Your doctor can prescribe medicine to aid in managing the migraine symptoms.

Chiropractic treatment can involve the use of massage to stretch the jaw muscles. At times, physical therapy can slow down the progression of the migraine preventing it from being extensive.

When your neck, head, and shoulders become tense, they can also contribute to migraine pain. You can relieve yourself from this form of migraine pain by enhancing a good range of motion through gentle realignment and aligning the vertebrae in the upper spine.

You can minimize the chance of occurrence of a migraine caused by TMJ by;

  • Gently massaging your jaw muscles
  • Stretching your neck often
  • Chewing mint instead of gum

If the TMJ symptoms increase the likelihood of the development of migraines, treatment of the disorder can help in doing away with the migraine. Elimination of the TMJ disorder lowers the level of stress and resolves the migraine. Therefore, if your physician establishes that you are suffering from TMJ disorder, treatment may prevent resorting to other migraine therapies.

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