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As the costs of healthcare overall begin to rise, the Dental Savings Plans are just one way that employers are making dental care affordable for their employees. In a nutshell, these plans allow patients to pay an annual “membership” fee and receive a discount off of their dental services throughout the year when they see dentists who participate in that given plan.

What Is the Cost?

The average Dental Savings Plan will cost a patient about $360.00 per year or about $15 to $50 per month depending on the plan they choose to join and the benefits they get from that plan. Most plans save you 10 to 60% on your regular dental costs and the percentage of savings generally depends on the fee you pay each month to join the savings plan (some cost more per month and others less).

Dental Savings Plans Are a Great Alternative

Many people don’t have a traditional HMO or PPO plan for dental coverage, so these Dental Savings Plans offer a viable and great alternative to the traditional healthcare plans which can get expensive. It’s an opportunity for you to get the dental treatment you need without breaking the budget to do it!

The Options For Dental Savings Plans Abound

Currently, there are over 30+ programs to choose from and over 100,000 dentists participate in these Dental Savings Plans options nationwide, so you will have your choice of dental providers if you sign up for such a plan. The discount you get is massive, and it makes the services that you need to ensure your oral health is at a premium affordable to you. You also want to ensure that you find a dental insurance plan that has no annual cap limits (in case you need extensive work) and ensures that you don’t have to fill out a massive pile of paperwork to qualify!

If you are an individual who does not have an HMO or PPO plan for dental care, then a Dental Savings Plan may be exactly what you’re looking for to make the dental care more affordable for you. For more information on what plans we take at the Westmoreland Dental Group and to sign up for a plan today, please feel free to contact us and we will happily provide you with further information.

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