In Sterilization

Have you ever visited a medical office that was not up to your standards of hygiene? Whether it’s dirty floors and cabinets, medical equipment left out in the open, or anything else, an unsanitary environment is a legitimate cause for concern; especially when it comes to a visit to your dentist. Poor dental sterilization techniques have caused dental patients to contract diseases such as hepatitis, herpes, tuberculosis, staph, and strep. That’s why it’s so important to be careful! After all, you wouldn’t put anything unsanitary in your own mouth, so why would you let anyone else?

Because of this, at Westmoreland Dental Group we make it a point to not only provide the best and most sanitary dental care, but to also make our dental sterilization procedures transparent for our patients. Each member of our staff is trained on the latest dental sterilization techniques. Furthermore, our sterilization facility is located in a public area, where you can see what we do to protect your body from any bacteria or infections.

Our staff disinfects or disposes of each instrument or surface we use in our dental examinations and procedures. Furthermore, we know that a clean and protected water source is essential for maintaining good health, and guarding against water-borne diseases. That’s why we have chosen to use a water source separate from the city’s supply for our procedures. We carefully disinfect this water source with each refill.

Dr. J. D. “Bo” Westmoreland has been serving patients in the Johnson City, Tennessee area for more than 20 years. He and his staff of certified professionals make every effort to protect the health, and improve the quality of life of their patients. If you would like to see a dentist that will care for you down to the smallest details, then please reach out to us today.

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