In Our Technology

Westmoreland Dental Group takes great pride in the care we offer our patients and we make use of the latest dental technology to ensure the highest level of care. From our sterilization procedures to painless and more accurate diagnostics, we use the best tools to give you the best experience.


Not only do we use the computers in our operatories to record your care and treatment plan, but we can also show procedure presentations that answer questions and help you understand your care. Best of all, we can schedule your next visit and even check you out right there in the operatory, saving you any wait at the front desk!

Laser Cavity Detection

Our office uses the innovative Diagnodent laser, which can detect tooth decay before it becomes visible to the naked eye, thereby allowing us to catch it earlier and use smaller fillings. It is painless and non-invasive, no poking or scraping required!


We are committed to sterilization as the best way to ensure a good outcome for our patients. Every member of our team is trained in sterilization procedures, and our sterilization station is in plain view. Surfaces and instruments are disinfected or disposed of between patients, and we use our own water source which is not connected to city water.


Loupes are special glasses with high magnification telescopes attached. These allow Dr. Westmoreland to see the small dental surfaces more clearly so that he can perform the best dentistry possible.

Intraoral Cameras

Another tool that helps Dr. Westmoreland see teeth well, the intraoral camera can magnify teeth up to 25x and show the pictures on a monitor or even print them out.

Soft Tissue Laser

Our office uses the Odyssey Diode soft tissue laser. The narrow precision beam can help heal mouth ulcers faster and also allows for the biopsy of mouth lesions without a scalpel.

Panoramic X-ray

The panoramic x-ray gives a full picture of teeth, jaws, sinuses, and other tissues in the head and neck while using less radiation than conventional x-rays.

Westmoreland Dental Group is dedicated to giving our patients the best care possible, using the best dental technology in the field. To make an appointment or for more information, contact us today!

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