In Dental Loupes

At Westmoreland Dental Group, we like to see our patients’ smiles shine! Our dentists and hygienists can help you and your family keep smiling with healthy teeth and gums. Whether you seek general dentistry or elaborate reconstruction, our skilled practitioners use modern technology to gently and precisely care for your mouth.

What Are Dental Loupes?

When you visit Westmoreland Dental Group you will immediately feel comfortable in our aesthetically pleasing offices. Dentists and hygienists want your experience to be efficient and pain-free. Our skilled practitioners use modern technology throughout procedures to ensure you benefit from best practices. During your procedure, you may notice Dr. Westmoreland wearing a device that looks like two pairs of glasses. Dental loupes are lightweight glasses that improve visual accuracy. The protruding lenses are high-resolution magnification telescopes. This enables your dentist to see things that would normally escape the naked eye.

Patient Benefits

Dental loupes magnify the object the wearer is viewing. Dentists can select dental loupes with different magnification ranges. These lenses also allow light to penetrate, brightening the inside of your mouth where your dentist’s view is focused. Wearing dental loupes enables your dentist to conduct delicate work inside your mouth accurately and efficiently. Your thorough procedure means fewer trips to the dentist.

Dentist Benefits

Looking through dental loupes, dentists can see very small details inside patients’ mouths. Attention to detail means dentists can conduct effective procedures.

Dental loupes promote healthy posture thus, dentists avoid discomfort during procedures. A dentist who uses this technology will be fit and capable to assist you.

Take Advantage of Our Technology

Learning how modern dental equipment works will ease your fears about dental procedures. If you feel uneasy about a visit to the dentist, contact Westmorland Dental Group to ask about our services. We look forward to showing you how our technology promotes quality care!

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