In Mini Dental Implants (Dentures)

Many adults are impacted by tooth loss. Dentists, whose patients have missing teeth or are facing imminent tooth loss, will recommend replacement of those teeth. Dentures provide many benefits for those who have lost a few or all of their teeth.

Our teeth are an important part of our lives and our overall health. When someone loses some or all their teeth, their lives are significantly impacted.

One can lose their teeth because of periodontal disease, injury, or from tooth decay or other health-related risk factors. Those who are current or past smokers or have diabetes are at a higher risk of losing their teeth. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), more than 25% of adults over 65 years old have 8 or fewer teeth and 17% have no teeth. No matter how someone loses their teeth, dentures may benefit their quality of life.

Dentures Help Wearers Maintain a Healthy Diet

Maintaining the ability to chew food completely is a great benefit of wearing dentures. Someone who has not replaced their teeth finds themselves changing their diet or having to move food around in their mouth to chew certain foods. They also tend to swallow food before it is chewed completely, putting them at risk of choking or having difficulty with digestion. Dentures help those with tooth loss maintain their quality of life by providing them with the ability to continue eating the foods they love, including meats, fresh vegetables, and nuts.

Self-Confidence is a Benefit of Wearing Dentures

Someone who has lost their teeth may be self-conscious about their appearance. They will avoid smiling and even avoid putting themselves in situations where they might reveal that they don’t have teeth or gaps in their teeth. When teeth are missing, the cheeks will appear sunken. This can make the person appear older or unwell. The person experiencing this may begin to isolate and pull away from important relationships and opportunities.

Getting dentures restores the wearer’s smile, facial appearance, health, and a general sense of well-being. The wearer will not only look well, but feel well too. There are many benefits to wearing dentures. How a person feels about themselves and the impact dentures can have on their general wellness and self-confidence are significant factors to consider.

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